About Me…

Early on in my childhood I knew I wanted to do something with television in the future. My parents quickly were aware of that and gave me an old video camera to play with. I played with it for a couple of years, and with every passing year, the interest decreased because of other interests
like playing football, swimming and school.

After my graduation at high school, I wanted to study on, but I didn’t knew what direction to choose, until this study came along. It’s called “Audiovisual Productions” at the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam (Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam). To describe it plain and easy, it basically is a study to become a Cameraman/Editor. Which I graduated in, back in 2014.

I have gained quite some experience during my internship at Cameraden Media, and with the projects I made with my friends. I especially gained some experience in the making of those “After Movies” in the past three years.  Besides the “After Movies”, I also developed some experience in the developing and making of music videos, short films and corporate movies / promotional movies for a variety of businesses and people.

Kind regards,

Marco Vlielander.

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