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Starbeach 2015: Ep2 – Let it al go

POSTED ON February 14th  - POSTED IN After Movie, Promotional

Starbeach | Hersonissos | Crete | Summer 2015

In the summer of 2014 I was asked by the Cameraden crew to join them on the beautiful island of crete to shoot the Starbeach Video episodes for the coming season.
This is the second episode from the 2015-series. This time featuring the worlds number #1 DJ: HARDWELL!

Episode 2 — LET IT ALL GO
This is the moment where I waited for during the winter! This is the moment where I can jump, fly, feel the gravity & I just LET IT ALL GO!! Close my eyes again & escape into a different world!
Deep breath….its time….LET IT ALL GO!!
Featuring the worlds number 1 DJ: HARDWELL

Art Direction by Theo Vos at Studio Funki:

Produced by Cameraden Media

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