The World of Starbeach – Week 3 – Go Hardwell or go Home!

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This is the second, and the last episode I worked for at Starbeach, Hersonissos, Crete!

Big thanks to the guys from Cameraden Media for this opportunity.

Directed by:
Cameraden Media

Written by:
Brad Toogood
Robbert Thoolen
Sjoerd Volkersz

Executive Producer:
William Matthews

Starbeach Consultant:
Rick Nunez

Sjoerd Volkersz
Robbert Thoolen

Assistant Editors:
Marco Vlielander
Bennie Mentjens


Sjoerd Volkersz
Marco Vlielander
Bennie Mentjens
Omar A. Hamouda

Sound Operator:
Marco Vlielander

Graphic Design:
Nathan van Zandwijk
Ivo Dijs
Christ Clijsen
Thomas Pouw

Special thanks to:
MC Roga
Rico South
Les Davis

Anna Agency
Robert Snell
Mattijs van Welvenis

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